Flexible Warranty Protection

Trafera, formerly Trinity3 Technology is pleased to provide our customers warranty flexibility to protect your technology investment.
Whether you purchased your technology from Trafera or elsewhere, we have warranty options designed to maximize the availability of your technology and minimize the impact on your budget.

Trafera Warranty Introduction

Thank you for your consideration of Trafera.

Trafera proudly offers our own warranties directly to our customers. This means Trafera is 100% responsible for all warranty actions that present with the products purchased from Trafera. Specifically, all logistics, receiving, repairs, repackaging, reporting, returns, and all associated costs are covered by Trafera. Said differently, we are your single point of contact for any and all repairs required to support the products purchased from Trafera.

Trafera is pleased to provide our customers with very flexible, scalable and easy to access warranties at extremely competitive price points. By handling all warranties directly-we remove the overly burdensome proof of failure requirements, process rigidity, repair/replacement delays and inconsistent product repairs common with warranties provided by insurance companies, unrelated 3rd parties and often OEMs.

Some further background; Trafera, LLC, formerly Trinity 3, LLC currently is 100% responsible for hundreds of thousands of systems (Chromebooks, Laptops, Tablets & Desktops) across the country. Trafera has a full complement of technicians on staff with nearly every possible pertinent technical certification available for the repair of personal systems group products. More specifically, we are one of twenty Lenovo Platinum Partners in the U.S. and also are a Lenovo (ASP) authorized service provider. Beyond Lenovo, we hold the same equivalent ASP designations with Dell, Acer and many major original equipment manufacturers. Further, while not obligated to do so, Trafera has adopted the highest level of accountability to comply with both the SCA (Service Contract Act) and PEI (Portable Electronic Insurance) standards.

Trafera operates in all 50 states and there is a patchwork of laws regarding what are sometimes referred to as “service contracts” and other times “personal electronic insurance.” Generally, these laws are directed toward transactions with individual consumers. Trafera works only with schools and school districts, which we understand are not “individual consumers,” and are generally not subject to the majority (if not all) of the “service contract” or “personal electronic insurance” guidelines.

Trafera is a market leader in the K-12 and higher education marketplaces and we choose to be a leader in adopting the highest standards possible for warranty services. As part of our commitment to this goal, our extended warranties adopt terms from what we understand to be the state with the “highest bar” governing the warranties we offer our school and school district customers. We have incorporated the statutes in our warranty terms for customers in all 50 states.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Scott Gill, President & CEO

Trafera Warranty Statement (overview) (PDF)

All new & recertified technology purchased from Trafera comes standard with the Trafera Gold warranty for 4 years on Chromebooks & laptops and 6 years on all desktop units unless otherwise specified. The Gold warranty provides robust coverage with Accidental Damage Protection. The Trafera Platinum warranty upgrade is an all-inclusive warranty which we believe to be the best warranty protection available-anywhere. The Trafera Silver warranty coverage is for 4 years on Chromebooks & laptops and 6 years on all desktop units unless otherwise specified and does not include ADP.

If you purchased your technology elsewhere and would like to add, extend or upgrade your warranty coverage, we can help.

Simply contact your sales representative or request a no obligation quote.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with a device you purchased from us, you can submit a warranty claim using the button below.

Trafera Silver
(Similar to OEM Warranty)
Trafera Gold
(Trafera Default Warranty)
Trafera Platinum
Deductible $0 $0 $0
Hardware Fail
Send Parts for Repair
Advance Exchange
Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
Spare Parts On-site
Theft / Loss
Per Device Limit on ADP N/A 1 Unlimited
Shipping We pay shipping both ways We pay shipping both ways We pay shipping both ways
Battery 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year Laptop / 3 Year New Chromebook
(1 replacement\ea.)
Stylus/EMR Pen/Apple pencil N/A 1 per device* 1 per device*

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