COVID-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE 3/17/2020

Trinity3 is committed and prepared to provide the continuation of our products & services to our customers and partners during the global response to the COVID-19 virus. With technology-based customer solutions, we are positioned to continue to provide our core services during this difficult time and will provide current updates to any changes in our ability to meet customer requirements. The threats to an organization’s continuity of operations are significant during any natural disaster, much like the current pandemic outbreak, and as part of our existing Business Continuity Plan (BCP), we will do our very best to deliver our essential functions and services without interruption.

"We are considering all future scenarios and instituting plans for both our locations to minimize any impact on our business" stated CEO, Gary Embretson, "While the current situation is unprecedented, we will adapt to whatever is required to serve our customers, partners and employees."

For more information, contact your Trinity3 Sales Representative or visit the link below to schedule a call to review your unique requirements and timeline. Trinity3 is committed to serving all customers and partners during this unprecedented global event.