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Earth Friendly & Environmentally
Responsible Practices & Packaging

At Trinity3 we do our best to respect the environment; from repurposing computer technology to consolidating shipments to our eco-friendly packaging.  We strive to materially conserve resources, reduce e-waste, packaging waste and minimize our carbon footprint.

Our eco-friendly T3 GreenPak has been a notable success with our customers and vendors alike since we introduced this several years back.  We use the least amount of packaging materials possible and consolidate your order with our “egg carton” corrugated T3 GreenPak.

T3 GreenPak Benefits:

  • Using eco-friendly T3 GreenPak we reduce packaging materials on average by 73.5%.
  • GreenPak is fast & easy to unpack, thereby reducing time & staff/students required, reduces corrugated and foam waste and is simple to reuse or recycle.
  • GreenPak also reduces the amount of space required to unpack your order at your facility by 50%+.

Q: What happens to all of the original packaging we receive?

A: The majority of our excess computer packaging is compacted or shredded and delivered to our local recycling facility.

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